"Traditional Balkan Witchcraft" is a project about the witchcraft heritage of the Balkans and the analysis of that theme as a style based subculture. The final results are photos, posters, a logo and a small double-sided book, in the style of 18th and 19th century photography and Gothic medieval typography and scripts.
The photos are a fusion of fashion and art photography, something between a commercial and alternative approach, which was the goal of the project - how to create style guidelines of this theme and incorporate them into photography and design today. 
The project specific approach on beauty and ugliness, on mystery and horror and our own forgotten past is what makes it an exciting theme to work on. It also gives an insight in the difference between female and male witches, and their different approach.
„Most of her photo-series are marked by the place she’s been living her whole life. The Balkan countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, are known in history for their stormy, warlike existence. The apple of discord between the Western Roman Empire and Byzantium, between Occident and the Ottoman Empire in the Middle Ages, battlefield during the two World Wars, home of constant revolutions, riots and coup d’état’s. 
No wonder why even Balkan beauty and culture is so wild and raw. That’s exactly what Senka has been trying (and succeeded) to capture in her new released project: the savagery of Balkan spirit in the Middle Ages, with focus on one of its most controversial aspects – the mystique.“
- Cultartes Magazine
"It may seem like an odd—and by odd, we mean creepy—choice of subject, but actually, the combination of photography and graphic design makes it such a perfect medium to transport the audience into what is otherwise an otherworldly, beautiful realm."
- A Collective Edit
Senka has always been fascinated by the fact that witchcraft is something between reality and imagination: there’s a lot of history on witchcraft, but no absolute proof of its existence. Her heritage got her in exploring the Balkan witchcraft in particular. Senka on her fascination and the project.
- Bleaq
Featured in:
A Collective Edit
Cultartes Magazine
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